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100 Years of Care

The January 17, 1917 edition of the Calais Advertiser included a simple and concise story about Dr. Walter Miner and the new business he had opened the week prior – the Calais Hospital.    While many things have changed about Calais and the surrounding areas in the last century, upon reading the article on the opening of the Calais Hospital, it is apparent that some things are timeless in this area and have stayed very much the same.  

Dr. Miner opened his hospital and pledged that patients would not be turned away on account of inability to pay – just as Calais Regional Hospital operates today.   He also relied on the generosity of community members to assist with the purchase of equipment and furnishings – as it also occurred when the current facility was built and opened.   The hospital recruits locally and outside of the area to ensure quality staff is available to care for your family and neighbors, as Dr. Miner did.    An abundant array of services is available locally now, as it was then, from the basics, such as lab and xray, to complex surgeries and emergency care.    The community utilizing the hospital services and supporting the organization is still integral to the success and longevity of the hospital, just like it was in 1917.  

It is also easy to see that the philosophy of civic responsibility, banding together for the betterment of the area and the overall sense of community was a seed planted over a century ago in our surrounding areas.   Dr. Miner identified the need for a hospital in Calais and led the charge to bring that vision to fruition.  While there is no indication how long it took to get from idea to opening the doors, it can be assumed it was a bit of time and a lot of work.   And while it required someone to lead the charge, it also took the perseverance, kindness and generosity of fellow community members to come together to provide for this tremendous community need.    The same could be said for most any great project our rural communities take on today.

A century ago, a vision for health care in our community was developed.   Today, Calais Regional Hospital continues on with this vision providing high quality care to Eastern Washington County residents right here at home.   Over 200 medical and other professionals, aided by the latest science and technology, care for almost 1000 inpatient stays and over 300,000 outpatient encounters each year.   Hospital staff treat patients in their homes, at the hospital and in the office.  

In 2017 we celebrated our roots, our accomplishments and our future.   CRH recognized and commemorated our century mark throughout the year and moved forward into the next century pursuing our vision to be the best rural hospital in Maine.