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Maine CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Info Page

COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine FAQ Page

Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

January 4, 2021 – Many people are anxious to know where they are on the priority list and where they will receive the vaccine.   However with so much yet to be solidified, the key will be to have patience until direction is provided by the State.  Until that occurs, vaccine providers have no answers. 

The CRH Vaccine Team has worked on strategies and had general discussions on various possibilities for providing vaccine to the general population.   But until guidance and instruction is provided by the State, nothing can be solidified.    Once the timeline and direction is provided, CRH will move forward with developing plans for vaccine rollout.   THERE IS NOT A SIGN UP LIST FOR THE VACCINE at the hospital or the CRMS practices.   Vaccination access/availability will be communicated via the local media, the hospital’s website and the Facebook page.  

With initial availability of vaccine, the US CDC has provided recommendations about who should be vaccinated first.  However beyond the first federal recommendation level of healthcare workers and nursing home residents, each State is tasked with implementing a distribution plan, solidifying eligibility order and communicating the information to the general public.   

Maine is using a phased approach to vaccination, consistent with U.S. CDC guidance that remains subject to change and refinement.   At this time, vaccine availability is limited to health care workers and emergency responders, and Maine’s most vulnerable residents, such as those living in nursing facilities.

Maine is reviewing the next health care personnel groups who will receive vaccinations in the first phase. Following vaccination of health care personnel, the U.S. CDC recommends vaccinations next be prioritized for other frontline essential workers and adults 75 years and older, followed by non-frontline essential workers and people 16 – 64 years with high-risk medical conditions.  

However, the phase eligibility and distribution plan is not finalized for Maine.  At the end of December CDC Medical Director Dr. Nirav Shah indicated that moving those 75 and older up in the order is under discussion, but nothing has been decided yet.  “We know other states have gone that route.  I think there is more discussion to be had,” Dr. Shah said.  According to the Maine CDC Vaccine page people will learn about access to vaccines through the Maine CDC, employers, and their medical providers.