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Encourage the Small Business Administration to provide a waiver for Calais Regional Hospital to be included in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).   It would guarantee staff’s paychecks for 8 weeks.  With over 250 employees and salary and benefits of over $16 million per year, these paychecks being at risk has potential to impact not just you personally – but also nearly every business in this community.

With regular hospital operations coming to an almost halt, there is little revenue projected to cover costs in the coming weeks.   This is a never before seen financial crisis for many hospitals like CRH, that threatens the ability of the organization to provide care and maintain its presence as an economic engine in our community.   As of today no waiver has been given, leaving many hospitals like CRH scrambling to figure out how to cover costs and make payroll in the coming weeks.  A relief payment was received last week and it is appreciated and very much needed.   However, in comparison, the PPP would provide a more long term opportunity of eight additional weeks to get to the other side of this crisis and restored volumes, versus the two week respite the relief funds last week provide.

Sample Letter/Message of Support

American Hospital Association Letter to the SBA sent 4/2/20

American Hospital Association Letter to the SBA sent 4/8/20