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Dear Representative/Senator/Director _____________________________:

As a community member, I urge you to support a waiver to allow small rural hospital’s like Calais Regional Hospital, that were already in distress prior to COVID-19, to qualify for the Paycheck Protection Program of the CARES Act.  Outside of providing a necessary and important safety net of healthcare services to our rural area, Calais Regional Hospital also:

~  Employs 255 staff, most of which are well paying jobs.

~  Hospital spending and wages right in our community is over $17 million.

~  That equates to over $29 million in community economic impact when factoring in ripple or secondary effects.

The waivers for small rural hospitals will protect not only the community’s access to healthcare services, but also the local economy of these rural areas.  The potential loss of this resource during a high need crisis is unforgiveable on multiple fronts.

Please include Calais Regional Hospital in the Paycheck Protection Program.  This needs to happen quickly.   With the limited cash resources CRH started this crisis with, there is no luxury of time for a long decision making process.    

Thank you for your urgent consideration of this issue.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further.


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