You’re Safe With Us – Don’t Delay Needed Medical Care

The COVID-19 crisis took the world, country and healthcare industry by storm.  Now, a few months in, it is becoming very evident that many patients may be continuing to forego needed medical care.   This made sense for a brief time while hospitals and provider offices navigated the COVID-19 crisis and set up safe environments.  Now, with safeguards in place, it is important for our patients to seek the care they need. 

Many of our community members have chronic illnesses that require ongoing monitoring and access to medical services.   Delaying care could lead to severe health consequences.   In addition to chronic disease management, keeping up with preventative health care such as vaccinations for your children and health screenings to detect issues while most easily treated are important too.  Contact your health care provider right away if you or a loved one has signs of a serious medical issue.  Don’t let the fear of COVID-19 keep you from getting timely and safe care in our offices or hospital. 

Don’t Delay Needed Healthcare.

The Calais Community Hospital team is here and ready to do more for the people we serve.  Most all of our services are open and available to see patients.  We have taken a mountain of precautions to ensure everyone who enters our facilities is safe and cared for. 

Although the COVID-19 precautions will most likely be a part of our lives for some time, we cannot ignore other illnesses that could be just as deadly.  Please don’t delay your healthcare.   Feel confident to reach out and get the care you need and deserve.