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Nursing Services

The nursing department carries out the purpose of Calais Community Hospital in providing and planning patient care, educational and restorative services that meet our customers expectations.  In addition, the department incorporates the philosophy of customer service, compassion, teamwork and collaboration, fiscal responsibility and dedication to quality in the approach to nursing care.

Statement of Vision

The CCH Nursing Department shall provide health care services which are acknowledged by customers in the service area and in the referral centers as a model of nursing care excellence.

The department philosophy and values include:

  • A need for nursing staff to be provided adequate resources, educational opportunities and individual support.

  • Respect for each staff member and their unique contributions.

  • Recognition of staff accomplishments and encouragement to excel.

  • Shared responsibility between the nurse and the hospital for education and continuous improvement.

  • Opportunities to provide clinical practice settings for nursing students to broaden the nursing profession in our community.

  • Support of an environment that encourages interdisciplinary approaches to patient care.

  • The uniqueness of the individual.

  • Professionalism in the participative practice of nursing and how nursing care will be delivered.

  • Belief in nursing research and the contributions it makes to patient care and the profession of nursing

  • Belief in nursing care as high touch and delivered in a competent and compassionate nature with respect of human dignity.

  • Belief that the art and science of nursing will provide guidance to deliver holistic nursing care which will encourage and enable the patient to:

  • Prevent, recover from, or accept limitations of illness

  • Be rehabilitated to the highest possible functioning

  • Maintain health; or maintain dignity during the time leading to death

We further believe that the professional nurse needs to be cognizant of the costs of health care and support delivery of nursing care that is cost effective within a caring, compassionate framework utilizing available resources.

Nursing care is provided at Calais Community Hospital in the Inpatient Unit for medical, surgical, labor and delivery patients and newborns.  The departments of surgery, emergency, home health, and community education/cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation also provide nursing care at Calais Community.   In addition to the nursing directors for each of the mentioned departments, there are nursing service managers on duty around the clock.  These managers are responsible for the overall functioning of the departments in the absence of the director, crisis intervention, as well as a variety of other duties, including representing other departments during non regular hours or days.

The nursing department offers a variety of on-going educational offerings and supports education for staff at external workshops and conferences.

There is a chief nursing officer responsible for the nursing departments and the care provided. She can be reached at 454-9212.