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CCH Staff Directory

Administration  Contact    
CEO Steve Lail    
CFO  Lynnette Parr    
CNO John Marshall    
VP Quality Monique Mills    
VP Human Resources Vicki Moody    
VP Provider Practices John Marshall    
VP of Finance Susie Lee    
Executive Assistant / Administration  Molly Fletcher 454-9201 molly.fletcher 
Department Contact Phone Email*
Accounting January Brown 454-9324 january.brown
Case Management / Social Services Tabitha Stanley 454-9225 tabitha.stanley
Community Relations DeeDee Travis 454-9227 deedee
Compliance & Health Information Karen Theriault 454-9212 karen.theriault
Credentialing  Jim Rieder 454-9281 credentialing 
Education  Shelly Bodkin 454-9408  sbodkin
Emergency Dept.  Brittany Rohr 454-9291  brittany.rohr
Environmental Services Shawna Rafferty  454-9261  shawna.rafferty
Facilities Rod Tirrell 454-9231 rod.tirrell
Food Services Janet Monaghan 454-9266  
Human Resources Molly Fletcher 454-9228 molly.fletcher
Infection Control Shelly Bodkin 454-9297 sbodkin
Information Systems Steve McFadden 454-9210 mis
Laboratory Billie-Jo Leighton 454-9219 billie-jo.leighton
 Materials  Kim Bridges 454-9208  mmsupply
 Medical / Surgical Unit   454-9205  
 Nursing Admin / Director of Nursing  Cathy Blake 454-9383  cblake
 Patient Access / Registration  Tiana Lola 454-9222  tiana.lola
 Patient Financial Services  Tammy Mitchell 454-9211  tmitchell
Pharmacy  Ausaf Tak 454-9341  atak
Provider Practices – Admin Mellissa Kenney 454-9338 mkenney
Provider Practices – Clinical Brittany Seavey 454-9460 brittany.seavey
Provider Practices – Family Medicine
Provider Practices – Internal Medicine
Provider Practices – Podiatry 
Provider Practices – Specialty Services
Quality Brenda Voisine 454-9356 brenda.voisine
Radiology Darian Sutton 454-9283 darian.sutton
Rehab Services  Laura Ackley 454-9401  laura.ackley
Respiratory  Richard Lewis 454-9316  richard.lewis
Surgery / OR  Mike Bodkin  454-9371  mbodkin