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Send a Greeting

Let a friend or family member know you are thinking of him or her during his or her hospital stay by sending a Patient Greeting. Your message will be printed and delivered by a member of the Calais Community Hospital staff or a volunteer. Greetings received after 4:30pm on Friday, will be delivered on Monday morning. 

To send your Patient Greeting, click on the card of your choice below, and then fill in the blanks. Fill out the form with as much information as possible, and we will do the rest! 

Please keep in mind that this is equivalent to sending a post card — we cannot provide privacy or confidentiality. This service should not be used to send confidential communications. Do not include any personal, medical or diagnostic information. 

The hospital cannot respond back for the patient, nor do we provide outgoing e-mail services to our patients. Due to patient confidentiality and/or the patient’s medical condition, we cannot confirm delivery of messages to our patients.

Delays in delivery may occur, especially during weekends and holidays. We will make every effort to deliver your message promptly, but we cannot guarantee delivery.

Let a patient know you are thinking of him or her.