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Patient Portals

CCH has two portals for patients to access their personal health information.  Click the link below to access your Patient Portal:

               Hospital Portal – MyCareCorner

               Provider Office Portal – Athena Health


With Patient Portals you can:

• Have online access to healthcare information related to your care.

• Access hospital discharge instructions for better after-discharge care.

• View and share your lab results and dates of other medical services received at CCH.

• Access provider appointment information and send secure messages to provider offices.

You can register for the hospital portal by providing your email address during the registration process.   You will receive an email with instructions to follow to complete enrollment.

To register for the Provider Office portal, notify the receptionist at check-in for your appointment.

Provider Office Portal Info Sheet


Hospital Portal Guide to Self Registration

Hospital Portal Guide to Using MyCareCorner

MyCareCorner FAQ

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