Grow Your Own

Starting my seeds. I added 5 1/4 cups water to the potting soil, per the directions on the bag.

After pellets were fully expanded I gently pulled back netting on top of pellets. Then I fluffed and leveled the surface peat.

Next step was to sow 2-3 seeds per pellet and cover lightly with peat. I planted ? seeds cherry ? seeds, chive seeds, and red pepper seeds.

I placed the dome  on the tray with the pellets and put in a warm place in my office out of direct sunlight.Now to wait for the first seeds to sprout.

Grow Your Own

In honor of National Nutrition Month I am kicking off another year of ‘Grow Your Own’ to promote gardening.  Even if you do not have a garden plot, you could try a container garden on your deck, porch, or steps.  Container gardens are great for items such as tomatoes, or your favorite herbs like basil or chives.    Last year I started seeds in my office for my garden and also did some container gardening. It was fun sharing the experience on the CCH website and Facebook page.  And the encouragement and many tips shared by community members were great!   This year I will be growing from seed and sharing the adventure for all to follow along.  I really hope others will join me and share comments and tips about their experience on the posts.   To get others excited about this, CCH is giving away some Grow Your Own Starter Kits at the end of Nutrition Month!    You can register for the drawing in the CCH Main or ED Lobby, or by liking and sharing the post on the hospital’s Facebook page.