This week a holiday dinner and Awards Recognition was sponsored by Administration for staff.  Following a great meal prepared by our dietary staff, Years of Service were recognized and the Employee of the Year nominees and winners were announced. This year the nominees were Barb McLean, Toni Clark, Donald Day, Richard Hixon, Steve McFadden, Julie Reynolds, Dr. Cressey Brazier, Vicki Moody, Amy O’Brien, Alison Perkins and Norma Lowell.  Congratulations to all who were nominated!

Our Employees of the Year for 2023 are:

Donald Day – non clinical Employee of the Year


Alison Perkins – clinical Employee of the Year

CCH staff nominated their peers for these awards by completing a form and providing information and specifics on why staff should be considered.   Factors considered are dependability, initiative, attitude, teamwork and how they conduct themselves as CCH staff.  Many great things were shared about all of the nominees, the following are excerpts from Donald’s and Alison’s nomination forms:

“Donald takes pride in the quality of his work.  He is very productive and it’s clear that he is very committed to his job and the organization.  Donald is always willing to lend a helping hand and has a very strong work ethic and respects his fellow coworkers at CCH.  Donald has a very positive attitude and is consistently courteous.  Donald’s attention to detail shows throughout the hospital by how clean and shiny the floors are.”

“Alison’s work ethic and commitment to the organization doesn’t go unnoticed.  Alison has been and continues to be a great resource to staff of all areas of the time organization. Alison is approachable and knowledgeable and is always on time.  She never hesitates to cover shifts and help out when needed.  Even when the ED can be in utter chaos, Alison remains professional and represents the ED and the organization in a positive way.”

Congratulations to both of our winners and thank you for the great jobs you do every day and the special way you care for our patients and your co-workers!

Years of Service recognition was also held during the Awards Ceremony.

Special recognition to our most senior employee with 46 years – Susan Casey

40 Years:  Jo-Anne Bartlett

25 Years:  Cheryl Trader and Julie Reynolds

20 Years:  Dan Daley and Joan Preston

10 Years:  Rebecca Farrar and Ausaf Tak

5 Years:  Kathy LaPlant, Laura Ackley, Madelyn Duchesneau and John Pileggi

Thank you all for your continued commitment to caring for our community members!

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