Calais Community Hospital is pleased to announce the return of digital mammography services at the hospital.  The service has been on hiatus due to lack of staffing.  Beginning in January, mammograms will once again be available locally on Thursdays and Fridays.  Mammography certified radiology technologist Billie Jo Ham will be returning to CCH to provide the service each week.   Billie Jo has many years of experience and is dedicated to excellence in patient care provided in a friendly and compassionate manner.  “I’m very excited to reinstate this line of service for our patients and our community,” stated Billie Jo Ham B.S., R.T. (R).  “And selfishly I’m very happy to be able to return to Calais and see my patients.”

If you are due for a mammogram and have been putting it off, contact your primary care provider about sending a referral to CCH.  Start the New Year by taking care of yourself and checking that item off your to do list.   Many women in our community have postponed this vital screening during the time the mammogram service was suspended.  It is an important screening to get up to date on.  If breast cancer is found early, there are more treatment options and a better chance for survival.  Women whose breast cancer is detected at an early stage have a 93 percent or higher survival rate in the first five years.

To the women in our community – remember to take care of yourselves so you can continue to care for those you love.

To the men in our community – remind the women important in your life that screenings are essential and help them remember to schedule it.

Protect your health and support your local hospital and its staff by requesting a mammogram referral to Calais Community Hospital from your primary care provider today.


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