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March 15, 2019
CRH Dietitian, Mona Van Wart, with her seedlings from 2018. Join the challenge this year and Grow Your Own!

March is National Nutrition Month®.  National Nutrition Month® is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign, celebrated each year during the month of March, focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.  Some great things to try are:

  • Limiting processed foods
  • Create simple healthy meals at home
  • Plant a garden for easy access to healthy food options
  • Get outside and get moving, no matter what the weather
Register to win your own starter kit and Grow Your Own this season!

In honor of National Nutrition Month I am kicking off another year of ‘Grow Your Own’ to promote gardening.  Even if you do not have a garden plot, you could try a container garden on your deck, porch, or steps.  Container gardens are great for items such as tomatoes, or your favorite herbs like basil or chives.    Last year I started seeds in my office for my garden and also did some container gardening. It was fun sharing the experience on the CRH website and Facebook page.  And the encouragement and many tips shared by community members were great!   This year I will be growing from seed and sharing the adventure for all to follow along.  I really hope others will join me and share comments and tips about their experience on the posts.   To get others excited about this, CRH is giving away some Grow Your Own Starter Kits at the end of Nutrition Month!    You can register for the drawing in the CRH Main or ED Lobby, or by liking and sharing the post on the hospital’s Facebook page. 

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension Bulletin #2751 is a good resource for starting seeds at home.  Search for 2751 on their website at  As mentioned before, I am definitely not an expert in this.  In fact I am a novice.  My challenge to you all is to join me and try to grow some of your own seedlings. We can share what works and what doesn’t work.  Join me!  Who is up for the challenge? 

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March 14, 2019

Congratulations to Haley Black, Calais Regional Hospital Security Officer, for being selected as Securitas Northeast Region Officer of the Year for Heroism.  The award is to recognize officers for giving of themselves and modeling Securitas’ core values.  Securitas began providing security services at Calais Regional Hospital in 2016.  Haley has been part of the Securitas team assigned to CRH since 2017.     

CRH Security Officer Haley Black (center) was presented with the Securitas Northeast Region Officer of the Year for Heroism Award by Account Manager Richard Hickson (l) and Northern New England Healthcare Branch Manager Michael Parsons (r).

Securitas North America annually recognizes two security officers—one for heroism and one for outstanding performance.  The recipients are chosen based on nominations from their colleagues and managers.   Haley was nominated for the Heroism Award by her manager, Richard Hickson, for an incident that occurred at CRH where Haley intervened to protect others.  She did not hesitate and acted to prevent further injury.   Hickson added, “I can depend on her to use professional judgment while working and I am proud to have her as one of my officers.”

Haley was presented with the Northeast Region Award at CRH last week by Northern New England Healthcare Branch Manager Michael Parsons and Account Manager Richard Hickson.  She is now one of 5 nominees, out of over 100,000 officers, that will be considered for the Officer of the Year Nationwide Award by Securitas North America. 

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February 14, 2019

Calais Regional Hospital is pleased to announce that cataract evaluations and surgery will be available locally for community members.    Vision Care of Maine provider, Dr. Curt Young, will be at CRH monthly to provide the service for area patients.     Vision Care of Maine will provide the services through a leased space agreement in conjunction with the CRH Surgery Department.   Evaluation appointments begin later this month with the first surgery at CRH scheduled for April 11. 

Dr. Young has performed well over ten-thousand cataract surgeries since assuming ownership of Vision Care of Maine upon his father, Craig Young, M.D.’s, passing in 2013. The practice has evolved to now have six ophthalmologists and four employed optometrists.   In addition to practice owned and operated ambulatory surgery centers in Bangor and Presque Isle, Vision Care of Maine offers cataract surgery and other ophthalmic surgery at the Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover-Foxcroft and the Millinocket Regional Hospital in Millinocket. “We have found our model of bringing this state-of-the-art surgery closer to home for our patients invaluable in restoring vision and profoundly convenient,” stated Cristy Hewitt, RN, Director of Clinical and Surgical Services for Vision Care of Maine. “Dr. Young and the rest of our physicians proudly look forward to offering surgical consultations and surgery now in Calais as well.”

When receiving these services at CRH, community members can expect to see the familiar faces of CRH Surgical nurses caring for them as well.   The CRH Surgery Department staff has worked diligently over several months making preparations for this service and is excited to add cataract surgery to the list of offerings available locally.    

If you have questions about the services available or wish to schedule an appointment, contact    Vision Care of Maine directly by calling 945-6200.

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