By: Dr. Nima Moghaddas, Podiatrist

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month.  April is also the beginning of Spring in Downeast Maine, and a time when most people decide to start walking for their health.  Before you dust off your sneakers and take on that adventure, keep these foot tips in mind.

Dr. Nima Moghaddas, CCPP Podiatrist

Start with a new pair of sneakers that have been properly fitted to your feet.  The ideal time to purchase sneakers is in the afternoon or evening.   Be sure your shoes have shock-absorbent soles and supportive heel counters.  Purchase shoes for the specific activity in mind.  Please don’t hesitate to purchase new shoes when there are signs of wear and tear on the heels and soles.

Don’t forget the moisture-wicking socks to prevent excessive moisture which can lead to blisters and fungal foot infections.  If you are one of those athletes that ends up with “athletes foot,” remember to change your socks frequently, keep your feet dry, and if you develop a rash or an itch that doesn’t go away, see your podiatrist for treatment.  Don’t just ignore it, because it usually doesn’t go away on its own and can lead to further problems.

Lastly, start slow if you haven’t walked all year.  Stretch before and after you walk. If you develop heel and arch pain, reevaluate your sneakers and make sure you have good support.  If you have consistent pain, don’t walk through the pain – seek medical attention.

And most important of all, enjoy your walk!

Dr. Nima Moghaddas is a Podiatrist at Calais Community Provider Practices.  She sees patients for a variety of podiatry issues such as diabetic and geriatric care, heel pain and spurs, ingrown toenails, sports medicine, sprains or injuries of the foot, ankle or heel, and much more.  Call 454-9472 for more information.

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