Calais Community Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of a new procedure: MILD (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression).  MILD is a new way for a spine trained physician to treat lumbar (low back) spinal stenosis.  The pain and tingling in the legs that limits mobility with standing or walking can be relieved by removing a small portion of thickened ligament without disrupting the spine’s bone structure via a short outpatient procedure performed through a very small incision. 

Dr. Jonathan Herland, pain management specialist, now offering MILD procedure at CCH.

The new procedure is being offered by Pain Management specialist Dr. Jonathan Herland.  Dr. Herland has over 20 years’ experience in interventional pain management and will be performing the procedure.   “This technique has an excellent track record for relief of spinal stenosis pain without the risks of major surgery” says Dr. Herland.

 Features and benefits of MILD include:

*Relief of leg pains associated with standing and walking

*Improved walking distance and mobility

*Little or no need for continued injections

*Outpatient procedure not requiring general anesthetic

*Covered by Medicare 

Patients that feel this procedure could benefit them can have their primary care providers send a referral for services to the CRMS Surgical Services office, or call the office at 454-8432.  For more information on MILD, visit Dr. Herland’s website at or a brief informational video is available at:

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